Are all of your products USA made?

Yes. Our facility is located in Marysville, Ohio. Our materials are USA sourced, too. All felt and printed material is 100% USA made. Catnip is certified 100% organic and USA grown. Our polyester fiberfill is made from hypoallergenic, recycled materials, right here in the USA.

What is a green business certification?

Seeka strives to be environmentally friendly. Our green business certification is designated by Green Business Certification, a third party accrediting organization that examines key areas and specific guidelines in categories such as recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction and environmentally friendly purchasing.

How does Seeka give back?

Seeka works with The Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Worknet) to offer qualified individuals the opportunity to work in our facilities. We also donate all products that do not make it to packaging (for minor visual imperfections) to cat rescues. We believe homeless kitties should have nice toys, too!

How do I get company images?

Contact iasha@seekadesigns.com for media images.